Entry #3

So, about that upcoming EP...

2016-01-20 02:24:04 by flashdomino

The EP is still coming!  I just thought I'd make one more news post about it.  The first three songs have been complete for a long while, and they're just begging to be uploaded.  However, something I didn't mention is that the fourth song is actually a collaboration, and I'm still waiting for the other person to finish her part.  So, I'll upload the first three songs now, on both Newgrounds and Soundcloud.  The first song will be uploaded Thursday and I'll upload the others at three-day intervals.  The collaboration song will be uploaded whenever it gets done.  If it's uploaded weeks or months after the first three, I'm fine with that.  I only have three fans so it's probably no big deal  xD  See you soon!  -Flashdomino


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